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Meet Ashley.

Ashley & Brandon


She is awkward, silly, and the most graceful dancer with two-left feet. Baking is the key to her soul, and fresh goodies always await her children. She is always determined to shoot for the stars, even if she gets distracted and misses them.  Ashley loves a nice, peaceful stroll down the aisles of Target (and is slightly panicking that the closest one is now an hour away!), cinnamon dolce latte in hand, sans her three busy boys.  She survives every day with grace, Jesus, and a whole lot of coffee!  Her loving husband Brandon is the mastermind behind the stunning storytelling films of ABP.  He loves all things nerd: Star Wars, the Doctor, and even boring documentaries.  He is a military man strong in his faith, serving his country, family, and the Lord.  They love to write music together: Ashley sings melodically while Brandon strums his guitar and sings smoothly to blend their voices like buttah.  Their ideal date is snuggling on the couch, with some coffee and ice cream (gluten-free of course!), watching random Netflix shows!  They love their three obnoxious, but charming boys to the moon and back.




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Your life is an adventure story that only you can tell!  Let's tell your story through beautiful and emotional photography.  ABP believes that capturing the love that you share with those closest to you is at the heart of that story.  This is precisely why we shoot in a photojournalistic style on location: at your home or one of the many scenic locations in or around town. 

Lifestyle sessions are fun, whimsical and very laid back.  Of course at every session we snap a formal photo for Grandma; but the remainder of the session is completely in the moment, with some slight direction from Ashley.

Documentary sessions are purely documenting a day in your life; whether it be at your home, the park, your favorite ice cream shop, or even the skate park!  Capturing milestones in your life such as the birth of a child, celebrating a birthday, and more!  The possibilities are endless; consider ABP a fly on the wall!

Ashley has some crazy inner wanderlust that is dying to escape!  ABP is a traveling photographer primarily located in the Fort Leonard Wood, MO area, with frequent monthly travel dates to the Wichita, KS area.  However, she is available to travel wherever your heart desires her to be!

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