Lifestyle & Documentary Photographer: Fort Leonard Wood & Wichita

Home is Where the Military Sends Us



So we've finally kind of, sort of, maybe gotten settled into our new home in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  Home, sweet, home.  As I have transitioned my business to be able to travel, I am amazed and completely in awe by how smooth it has gone!  FLW has welcomed me with open arms; hills of glorious fall trees, leaves (and bugs) galore, and amazing clients!  And Wichita still keeps me coming back for more!

Per usual, we are busy busy bees.  We've also launched a new brand (I know, right?!): Mint Fish Creative Co.  Check it out at (shameless plug haha)!  We do business branding, web design, portrait illustrations (like above) and digital watercolor art!  Christmas is coming soon (just sayin!).

I can't wait to see what adventure lies ahead of us!  Stay tuned :)