Your life is an adventure story that only you can tell. At Ashley Bass Photography, our passion is to help you tell your story through beautiful photography and videography. We believe that capturing the love that you share with those closest to you is at the heart of that story. This is precisely why we shoot in a photojournalistic style in our studio or on location: at your home or one of the many scenic locations in or around Wichita.

Ashley Bass Photography is the life's ambition of Ashley, a lifestyle and documentary photographer who loves a nice, peaceful stroll down the aisles of Target, latte in hand, sans her three boys.  She survives every day with grace, Jesus, and a whole lot of coffee!  Her loving husband Brandon is the mastermind behind the stunning storytelling videos of ABP.  He loves all things nerd: Star Wars, the Doctor, and even boring documentaries.  He is a military man strong in his faith, serving his country, family, and the Lord.  They love to write music together: Ashley sings melodically while Brandon strums his guitar and sings smoothly to blend their voices like butter.  Their ideal date is snuggling on the couch, with some coffee and biscotti, watching random Netflix shows!  They love their three boys to the moon and back.

photos courtesy of Rayna Lea Photography